2016 Officers & Board 0f Directors

President: Joselito Tolentino

Vice President: Lori Erlacher

Treasurer: Peggy Bedford

Cor. Secretary: Ann Parish

Rec. Secretary: Brian Behm

Membership: Joy Parker Dever


Allison Pacaillier – New

Doris Hotaling— alternate
Eugene O’Neal— 2nd year
Teri Scott – New
Chad Brinkerhuff—New

Remember: These are volunteers for the benefit of the society.

If called upon by these individuals next year, find a way to say ‘yes!!’


Audit & Finance        Frank Dasse &  Ali Hicks

Fall Auction                 Teri Scott

Historian                       Your name here!

Hospitality                    Tsuruko Moenckmeier, Kwang Kim & Manuela Rodriguez

Library                            Your name here!

Membership Directory    Joy Parker Dever

Photography                 Robert Molpus

Programs                        Your name here!

Properties                      Irv Fox


Scholarship                   Frank Dasse & Cindy Grubbs

Silent Auction              Gail Holidaman & Priscilla Debler

Standing Show            Chad Brinkerhauf

Sunshine Chair            Connie Fox

Tampensis Newsletter   Alida Eldridge

Ways & Means              Your name here!

Webmaster                   T.J. Aleshe

Wheel of Fortune       Teri Scott


Artistic Arrangements    Shirley Smith & Jean Gilliland

Cultural Study                  Teri Scott

Upcoming Events