Cultural Study Group

The Cultural Study Group is the best bargain in town. For only $5.00 a year, beginners and experienced growers alike meet once a month to learn how to grow orchids. All CFOS members are welcome to join the Group. Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at Leu Gardens.

Each meeting features a program such as Heating Greenhouses, Misting Systems, Staking Flower Spikes, or Orchid Diseases and Pests. Members are encouraged to bring “problem” plants so the experts can offer advice and use them as a teaching tools for all the members. There is also a plant table at each meeting so members can share their healthy blooming plants. Occasionally, the group works together at meetings to divide and repot plants.

Activities outside the meetings include field trips such as re-potting orchids for UCF and offering potting assistance to new vendors. Members of the group also volunteer to grow small plants at home which will be used for future auctions.

The Cultural Study Group has an annual holiday party and plant exchange in December. This group really knows how to have fun because an annual picnic is a tradition also. The members are good cooks as well as good orchid growers!

1st Thursday of the Month

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