The Central Florida Orchid Society is offering a $3,000 scholarship to encourage students to pursue careers in Horticulture and the Agricultural and Life Sciences.  The recipient of the scholarship may enroll in the following major courses of study or a closely related field:


Horticultural Sciences
Horticultural Production
Plant molecular and Cellular Biology
Agriculture and Biological Engineering
Entomology and Nematology
Landscape and Nursery Horticulture
Plant Science, Agronomy and Plant Pathology


Application for Scholarship


Because of technical issues with the online application please print out the application.  Please mail to Scholarships, the Central Florida Orchid Society, P.O. Box 3105, Orlando, FL  32801. The deadline for the application is February 15, 2009. Please DO NOT try to submit the application online, we will not receive it. Thank you.


General Requirements for Eligibility

1.         A student must intend to purse a college curriculum directed toward a career in  Horticulture and the Agricultural and Life Sciences or a closely related field.

2.         A student must meet the following requirements:

a.   the student must attend an accredited college or university full-time.

b.   the student must be a U.S. citizen

c.   the student must have above average grades.

d.   the student must maintain permanent residence in one of the following Central Florida Counties: Polk, Lake, Osceola, Brevard, Seminole, Volusia.

e.   Any accredited college or university which offers courses of study in Horticulture, Agricultural, and Life Sciences, or a closely related field may be chosen by the recipient, subject to requirements for admission and any restrictions specified by the Scholarship Committee

f.    the student must have completed an A.A. degree or equivalent and be enrolling in upper level major courses in the fall semester.

g.   financial need may not necessarily be a consideration for scholarship award.


How to Apply

Complete the appropriate sections of the application form and send it to the following address:


The Central Florida Scholarship Committee

P.O.Box 3105

Orlando, Florida 32801

Applications and supporting documents must be received by the Scholarship Committee on or before February 15, 2009. Applications will not be considered unless accompanied by required transcripts and supported by at least two letters of recommendation.


Administration of Scholarship

The administration of the scholarship is turned over to the school attended by the recipient. The school retains custody of the funds, authorizing withdrawals by the student and remitting to the student any residual amount upon the satisfactory completion of the term of the scholarship. The school is requested to report the recipient’s grades to the Scholarship Committee at the end of each semester.


Withdrawal of Scholarships

A scholarship may be withdrawn:

1.             if the holder changes his or her college course from one directed toward a career in Horticulture, Agricultural or Life Sciences to another field of study.

2.         if the holder enrolls in a different school and/or pursues a curriculum other than what he/she listed at the time of initial application, and no longer meets the requirements set forth by the sponsor of the scholarship.

3.         if the holder fails to maintain a 3.0 grade point average; to this end, the holder must see that a report of his/her grades is furnished to the Scholarship Committee at the end of the semester.

4.         if the holder conducts himself or herself in such a way as to embarrass the Central Florida Orchid Society, or the university.


Links to Documents:

Requirements For Recipient of Scholarship in PDF Format

Application for Scholarship  in PDF format

College Instructor Evaluation for Scholarship in PDF format






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