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Central Florida Orchid Society


Date:   Saturday, September 20, 2014

Location:    Maitland Civic  Center @ 641 S. Maitland Ave., Maitland, FL 3275

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Plants to be auctioned may be viewed beginning at 8:30AM. The auction will start at 9:00 AM, and continue until
all plants are sold, usually around 3:30 PM.

Various genera – species and hybrids – will be available, and many will be in flower. Plants are provided by several commercial orchid nurseries and hobby growers (a good source of rare treasures).

In addition to plants and orchid memorabilia, hundreds of orchid-related publications will be offered, including rare books, popular books on culture, past editions of the American Orchid Society’s “Bulletin” and “Awards Quarterly” and more.  This event will be a grand opportunity for orchid enthusiasts to add to their plant and library collections.  Convenient payment methods include credit card, personal check, and PayPal.

Free admission and free parking.
For more info please call:  407-333-0998 or 407-366-4860


Web Link:   NBC WESH 2 News @ WESH.com Event info on Our Annual Auction 


Be sure to attend our General Membership Meeting: 

Date:   Monday September 8, 2014

Time:     7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Location:     Harry P Leu Gardens @ 1920 N Forest Ave Orlando, FL 32803

 Martin Motes of Motes Orchids

Our guest speaker for September 8th will be Dr. Martin Motes of Motes Orchids.

He will speak about “A bright future for Vandas”.  One of the best Vanda, Ascocenda and its Alliance growers in Florida.  He will be bringing plants to sell at the meeting so don’t forget to bring cash, checks, or credit cards.


 Martin Motes is a second-generation orchidist who has been growing orchids for 40 years.

He is president of Motes Orchids, a major breeder of vandas. He has produced hundreds of new hybrids, for which he has received scores of American Orchid Society awards, and he is an accredited AOS judge. He has observed tropical orchids growing in the wild and has spoken at orchid conferences around the world.

Martin was an assistant professor of English at Wright State University for several years. He was the director of horticulture therapy at Grant Center Hospital and was a consultant on horticulture therapy at the Hospital Corporation of America. He has lived most of his life in Miami, Florida, but also spent 6 years in Ohio and 2 years in Yugoslavia as a Fulbright lecturer. He has traveled extensively in the Mediterranean and has observed orchids in Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Florida, the Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, and Australia.

Martin has been interviewed by both print and TV journalists on topics ranging from community issues in southern Florida to horticultural therapy and orchids. He gives more than 20 lectures a year. To get away from the orchid greenhouse, Martin writes poetry, tends his vegetable garden, and fishes.

Vanda Tessellata hybrid photo by Jardin Boricua



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