Call for Nominations for 2020 – 2022

The CFOS Board of Trustees seeks nominations for members of the Board of Trustees of the Central Florida Orchid Society for three officers

President, Vice President and Treasurer for 2020-2022.

 Members may nominate any member in good standing, including themselves, and shall provide a rationale as to why they should be considered.  The President shall appoint the Chairman and two members of the Nominating Committee and this committee shall report the slate of candidates, naming one candidate for each office and directorship to be filled, at the October meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor following competencies have been determined by the Board and will be used in the evaluation. Officers will be elected from the floor by a majority vote. 

Leadership & Board of Directors   2018-2019




  Board of Directors

Remember: These are volunteers for the benefit of the society. If called upon by these individuals next year, find a way to say ‘yes!!’