Celebrating 80 Years

The Beginning - July 19, 1943

Eight people gathered to form the Central Florida Orchid Club

In 1948 with the acceptance of the American Orchid Society affilation and 15 members the Central Florida Orchid Society was formed.

And grew to 243  members by 1963.


The Central Florida Orchid Society (CFOS) is one of the oldest organizations of its type in the United States.   Our society began in Orlando almost 75 years ago.   On July 19, 1943, eight people formed the Central Florida Orchid Club with the purpose of extending the knowledge, production, use, and appreciation of orchids.  Five years later in 1948 the club became affiliated with the American Orchid Society and changed its name to the Central Florida Orchid Society (CFOS).  The Society then began to take part in shows, events, scholarship, and conservation.

Today, the Society is a non-profit corporation that has grown rapidly in recent years.   Our members are mostly from Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties, but we also have active members throughout Central Florida.  Our membership is a very diverse group made up of  doctors, lawyers, housewives, retired couples as well as  professional  growers alike, all with the common bond of our love and enjoyment of the beautiful plants called orchids!  Whether you have one orchid or a thousand, there are many benefits and rewards you can reap by becoming a member. 

Our monthly meetings are a time when all the members have a chance to get together and share orchid growing experiences. The General Meetings are held on the second Monday evening of the month at 7:00 PM at the Leu Botanical Gardens.  The monthly  programs are presented by local, national and world-renown speakers and cover a wide variety of orchid topics.  Our members can also join the Cultural Study group that is held the first Thursday of every month at 7:00PM at the the Leu Botanical Gardens. 

Every spring CFOS hosts an extravagant orchid show and sale , the show is an American Orchid Society sponsored Judging Show where individual plants are on display, judged and awarded. Our Sale is a wide variety of orchid vendors with many different types of orchids for sale.

Every fall CFOS hosts a Orchid Auction, a fun event and a great opportunity to purchase orchids at great prices.


An American Orchid Society affiliated society since 1948!