MARCH 28 & 29

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Same location Florida National Guard Armory.

Vendor Line up for 2020

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Krull-Smith Orchids

Orchid vendor a leading orchid hybridizer in the world for award-quality show plants, having received over 700 quality and cultural awards from the American Orchid Society.  Dedicated to providing the highest quality species and hybrids of  Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, and Paphiopedilums, as well as a wide array of novelty orchids such as Bulbophyllums.

 Odom’s Orchids

Orchid vendor with over 90,000 square feet of greenhouses,  specializing in Cattleya orchids, but also grow quite a few other varieties, including Vandas, Phalaenopsis, Lady Slippers, Oncidiums, and many species from different genera.  

Smiley’s Orchids

Orchid vendor  in south Clermont Florida… with a 20,000 square feet greenhouse, nearly 100,000 plants.  Specializing in Vandas – Ascocendas – Dendrobiums– Cattleyas – Oncidiums – Nobile and Species.

Plantio La Orquidea

Orchid vendor, a family owned business, it was founded by Henrique Graf in Venezuela in 1952 and is the largest orchid nursery and laboratory in that country. In 2003 Christine and Rafael moved to Florida to start the business here and take better care of our customers in the United States.  The Sarasota Location has a growing area of approximately 10,000 sq.ft., since 2015 we started our small lab so we can keep reproducing original hybrids and great warm growing species.

Spingwater Orchids

Orchid vendor located in Melborne, owner Thanh Nguyen is a engineeer by trade but has been collecting and growing orchids for 35 years. Than grows all genera of orchids and especially loves species. His forte however is paphiopedilums.

Accent Orchids

Orchid vendor located in St Petersburg, Ruth & Bret Ulhrey have a major love for all orchids but specialize in dendrobiums.

Bredren Orchids

Orchid Vendor, a small retail nursery that is currently mail-order only. Our stock currently consists mainly of novelty Phalaenopsis hybrids from our own breeding as well as Caribbean species and Broughtonia species/hybrids bred by Claude Hamilton of Hamlyn Orchids in Jamaica. We are the primary source, in the USA, for his breeding lines.

Arthur’s Orchids

Orchid vendor from Graniteville, SC. Nursery with a wide variety of orchid genera all size plants, and an onsite tissue culture lab.


Orchid Vendor located in Ecuador, a family company specializing in the production and conservation of orchid species, tropical plants and hybrids

Ritter’s Orchids

Orchid Vendor located in Kissimmee offering a wide variety of orchids.

Orchid in Bloom

Orchid Vendor located in Apopka offering a wide variety of orchids.


E.F.G. Orchids

Orchid vendor located in Deland, with 20,000 square feet of greenhouse, they offer many new orchid crosses, along with othe tropical plants and landscape material.

Just 1 More Orchid

Orchid pottery and mounts, orchid inspired home décor and art.


Haiti inspired  arts and crafts specializing in the most intricate arts made completely of recycled metal.