Our September 9th Speaker

Speaker: Vern Bloch Brassovola species with an emphasis on nodosa


I’m a retired navy pilot who got into orchids after leaving the service in 1987. Two years later Helen & I became owners of the Palm Bay Orchid Range. We participated in many orchid shows around the state. We sold the nursery in 2004, but continue to do business on a small scale. For the past 25 years I have regularly conducted programs for orchid societies ranging from the Florida Keys to North Carolina & west to Hawaii. My main interest has always been the cattleya alliance.

As a commercial orchid grower, I was often asked “What is the easiest orchid for beginners?” My recommendation was, and still is, Brassavola nodosa hybrids.     They are easy to grow in Florida, they bloom several times a year, offering a wide spectrum of colors, they are fragrant, and the flowers tend to last fairly well. 

This program includes some background on the species Brassavola, with an emphasis on B nodosa; where it is found in the wild, its natural environment, and the recommended growing conditions. It will also cover the prolific use of B nodosa in creating hybrids. 

This presentation is all about plants that you, the hobbyist, can acquire at reasonable prices and grow them successfully. For those who wish to try their luck without making a large investment in mature plants, there will be some smaller plants for sale.


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