AOS Beginner’s Newsletter

Starting in June 2009, we published a monthly newsletter for beginners. The series continued for nearly three years and was intended to educate people with a casual interest in orchids.  They are archived for your reference.

First, Identify Your Orchid

Have More Fun with Orchids Knowing Basic Names. Before you can determine how to care for your orchid, you must first be able to identify what kind of orchid you have. This article will show you some of the most popular orchid genus and their names to help you identify your orchids.

Culture sheets

These popular documents have been at the foundation of AOS orchid education for decades and provide orchid culture information in a convenient, concise format. Print them all and make your own basic culture booklet or use as handouts at local society meetings or as point-of-purchase giveaways at commercial firms, orchid shows, etc. 

Orchids A to Z

Here is your definitive source for concise information on orchid genera. Full descriptions and culture requirements provided by experts hand-picked for their knowledge of select genera. Photos of choice species in each genus are shown with large-size pop-ups for detailed view. Culture requirements are presented in an easy to understand “recipe-style” format. Also included is a playable soundfile of the proper pronunciation of each genus so you can sound like an expert. A sound card and speakers are required to hear the spoken name.

Orchid Ailments — The AOS’s Pests and Disease Series

Orchids magazine’s popular Orchid Ailments series provided readers with information and images to help them identify orchid ailments and grow healthier plants. From Aphids to Virus, the series explored the finer points of insect pests, rots, disease and cultural challenges, to name a few, and offered advice on prevention and treatment for the problems. 

AOS Video Library

Welcome to the American Orchid Society video library. This library contains many useful, how-to video clips on all aspects of orchids and orchid culture. These videos are self-contained and do not require any player or other software.

Become an AOS member

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Cattleya Bloom cycle by species

Cattleya culture requirements and species